Doula Packages & Services

Unfortunately I do not have any availability for new birth clients in 2022. I do however have limited capacity to offer antenatal & postnatal support in all SW and SE postcodes.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation where we will meet in a comfortable and familiar setting (in person or virtually). This could be your home or perhaps a local café. It’s important that you feel relaxed and able to talk freely so that we can determine whether I am a good fit for your birth team and if the services I offer work in line with your birth vision

Virtual Sunshine Package

  • A package that gives you all of the same support and access to my services, but virtually.
  • Weekly or fortnightly check in calls
  • Unlimited phone, text or WhatsApp support for the duration of your pregnancy
  • Birth Planning & Education
  • Optional virtual on call & birth support (additional fee)
  • A postnatal check in call

Sunrise Birth Package

  • 6 hours worth of antenatal care & birth education
  • A ‘Mother’s Blessing’ antenatal gift pack full of handpicked items to assist you in preparing for the arrival of your baby
  • Access to my extensive library of books that cover pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Unlimited phone, text and Whatsapp support for the duration of your pregnancy
  • Doula on call 24 hours a day from week 38 of pregnancy until you have given birth
  • Continuous physical and emotional support throughout the duration of your labour and birth plus a commitment to protecting your space, feelings and choices during this process
  • A three hour postnatal visit with a full birth debrief if needed; a space for sharing and exploration of your birthing experience plus breastfeeding support/signposting if necessary

Sunset Postnatal Package

  • 15 hours of postnatal care; tailored to your needs ensuring that you get the support that is best for you
  • A bespoke postnatal ‘Mother’s Hug’ gift pack with traditional herbal, natural & holistic treats to aid recovery
  • Breastfeeding support/signposting if necessary
  • Nourishing food to replenish you
  • Unlimited phone, text and Whatsapp support for 40 days after you give birth. This timing is in line with the traditional 40 day confinement period after birth; designed to nurture, nourish and enrich you on this sacred stage of your journey

You Are My Sunshine Package

A blend of both my birth and postnatal packages, this combination is designed to give you the reassurance and continuity of care that is so crucial for your pregnancy journey. From start to finish you can rest assured that I will be there to hold space for you and support to the best of my ability.

  • Emotional, physical and educational support
  • 6 hours worth of antenatal sessions
  • Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Education
  • 24/7 labour and birth support
  • 18 hours of postnatal care and so much more!

Payment plans are available, please use the contact form if you need any further information.