I want to thank Natalie so much for her help and support. She made me feel safe. When the pain was bad I felt like I went out of my body and couldn’t do anything, the sound of Natalie calling my name and feeling her hold my hand brought me back.

~ erme, october 2020

From phone interview to prenatal visits, the Sunshine Doula took care of me like a mother, sister and best friend rolled into one neat package. She advised me on how to care for myself, listened to my concerns and kindly researched things I wanted for the birth. She showered us with gifts, love and good energy. We are eternally grateful for your support and kindness in aiding us with the birth of our child. Thank you Natalie.

~ the dawkins family, december 2020

Natalie supported my decisions and made me aware of all the possibilities I may encounter. Happy to tell you all I got my VBAC at 41+3 all because of the immense amount of support from the Sunshine Doula, who not only comforted me throughout but also helped me get my husband on board. May you always be the sunshine for every birth you support.

~ fizza, march 2021

I appreciate you so much. You have been with me when I have felt very alone.

~ temi, april 2021

If I could write an ocean of words, none would do justice to describe how amazing The Sunshine Doula is, and her name fits her and her services PERFECTLY. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine, my lovely.

~ layinka, may 2021

Natalie is such a beautiful soul. You can see and feel her genuine love and energy. I am so thankful to Allah that our paths have crossed. Natalie, has an amazing way of providing you with inspiration and motivation and she is a massive supporter of all things that speak love. I can see how passionate she is about her birth work, her family and the world. It is no wonder that her heart is so big and receiving to everybody who comes her way. Natalie is forever my sister, and I wish her all the best in every single aspect of her life. It’s amazing I am writing this about her and the sun is shining. You are beautiful Natalie loads of love.

~ aisha, may 2021

I met Natalie just after giving birth and I must say … she literally saved my life and my baby’s. I was in a very dark place mentally and emotionally. She helped me define my role as a new mom, she helped me in ways I can’t even describe. I could see the improvements just after one session with her. And of course, happy mom = happy baby. So for that I will always be grateful. She is professional, punctual but also and most importantly: genuine and sincere. I would highly recommend her!!

~ bilou, june 2021

Natalie was a wonderful doula and gave us invaluable support before, during and after labour. As this was my first pregnancy I had a lot of questions and Natalie always made herself available to talk to me and would signpost me to helpful resources. She made me and my partner feel at ease and we had a lot of giggles along the way. My birth did not go how I had hoped, and we had to make some difficult last minute decisions. Natalie helped us talk through our options and provided a safe, non judgemental space for us to make the right decision for us. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a doula or even if you are just seeking some additional support / information.

~ rehana & andy, august 2021

Soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted naila to be my doula. As this is was my 6th pregnancy and I had some traumatic experience before I knew I wanted extra support for my husband and I and even though we didn’t end up having the birth we were hoped for knowing Naila was on there for us was a great comfort. Naila was also our postnatal doula as we don’t have much support and that was one of the best decisions and investments especially after a c-section and with two other young kids at home.

~ tamar, september 2021